Have some questions? What kind of computer repair work do you do in lakeland fl ? That’s a good question. It’s probably quicker asking us what we don’t do. As you can see from the list below we repair a lot of computer problems from the simple virus removal to changing the backlight in your laptop, it’s never a problem and it never costs a small fortune.

How much is this computer repair going to cost me? Not as much as you might think, because most of our computer repairs are carried out in our lakeland fl workshop and not in your average high street shop our prices are low, any new parts you might need are sourced at the lowest price available and we let you know the price before we carry out any work and give you the old part back.

Ok, you can Repair my computer! What now? Simple, just pick up the phone and give us a call on any of the numbers listed above and tell us the problem, we will get your details and arrange a time to pick it up, or if you do not like letting your computer out of your sight then we will arrange a suitable time around your schedule to make a visit or you can bring it to us. Send an email to info@thetechpeople.net. Or you can fill out a Quick Support Ticket below.